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What’s your next big marketing move?

As an ambitious entrepreneur and as someone who got into the digital marketing world at an early age...I know for a fact that most people don’t understand online marketing very well.

Why do I say this? because there is a big difference between traditional marketing and online marketing. The core principles are the same but the tools and systems have changed over the years. It's very hard for a non-tech savvy person to grasp the whole thing without having some hands on experience. 

Am I being cocky? No....I'm being honest. The internet is a jungle. It's hard for the average person to navigate this massive interconnected web of information and find exactly what you are looking for without a map or some guidance.  

And I'm confident enough to say, I can get around this web of craziness with years of experience and expertise under the hood (includes failed ventures and lessons learned).

So, what do people people understand at the moment when it comes to promoting & marketing a business online? maybe a bit of "Instagram marketing".  

"Everyone is on Instagram, including my 80 year old grandma!"

Instagram is pretty simple and straight forward to use: Post pictures consistently, get likes, give back likes, engage with followers/others and build brand awareness.   

Sounds easy right? hmm...

But the real question....is this good enough to grow your business and increase your sales and revenue? and Is this the best way to market your products and services.

Or is there another way to pin-point your target audience online, craft the perfect message and provide the correct incentives to get your potential customers to perform an action (email inquiry, phone call or book an appointment) and actually be able measure the results in real-time...all for under a few hundred dollars a month.

Not sure?


No worries, you didn't get into business to learn digital marketing ...I did! that's the job of an an expert and efficient online marketer! 

You on the other hand,  got into what ever it is that you do...because you're passionate about it and believed in your own idea/dream to sell or provide a service to the rest of us.

And of course to make a profit doing what you love.

So, do you really want to add more complexity to your life? Do you want to spend hundreds of hours posting pictures, hiring expensive marketing agencies or training interns to post cute pictures....just to get some "likes" and "followers" ?

Of course not!  No one want's more complexity. I don't.

The other business owners I know don't! I'm pretty sure you don't either.

So then, what's the solution?

As a busy entrepreneur, you really don't have the time or maybe even the budget in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest into marketing & advertising.

You want a quick and simple solution. Get your product and services to sell as quickly as possible and make a profit!  

If you're doing pretty well already. Then the next move is to expand and reach even a wider audience....correct?

Affordable, efficient, measurable.

This is exactly why Rajeev, founded rswebconsulting.com – to help non tech savvy entrepreneurs and everyday people shift from complexity to simplicity. 

My goal is to help my clients grow their business and double their sales in a affordable, efficient and measurable way. Without having to hire, train, and micro manage newbie marketers and or spend thousands on advertising without any return on investment. 

Unlike other  "marketing experts" and "gurus" ...I use the latest marketing strategies, tools and systems to get a flood of new customers, email inquiries and phone calls on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis asking for your product and services. 

Below is a screen shot of what actual results look like when online marketing is done correctly.  A client in the Van &  Truck outfitting industry hired me to optimize his website and digital marketing campaign earlier this year.  When I get the phone and email going crazy, I know my shit is working! :) 

Edmonton Marketing Service

Sales inquiry result for a client in Edmonton, AB

How much does it all cost? Not more than what you will make back in return. 

Online advertising is dirt cheap, when done correctly you can reach millions of targeted customers all over the world using Google, Facebook, Instagram and many other online channels.  When I say "reach", I'm not just talking about getting some impressions..i.e your product or service shown to a whole bunch of random people. I'm talking about getting people to perform and action...like contact you. 

Thing I do to help grow your business:

  1. Improve your online visibility on Google and other online platforms
  2. Increase your website traffic and get you new customers
  3. Increase your social media presence on facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, etc
  4. Increase the number of phone calls and emails you receive from new customers
  5. Increase your overall business growth by measuring sales/marketing metrics  
  6. Provide full report on ROI for every dollar you spend on my digital marketing services

Rajeev rajdurai Marketing Consultant Canada

Stop the cold calling ...please mighty god.

One of the most falsely held belief by entrepreneurs & business owners these days is the idea that "they have to go hunting for new clients every single day" (like back in the days).


People are still cold calling, door knocking and running flyers ads! To be honest, if it's working for your business, sure go ahead by all means! But to me this is such an archaic ideology.  Please change your mindset, let the old go. Simplify and succeed.

We live in a time where software companies/corporations know more about our behavior and lives than we do!  So, in that sense, your potential customers can be pin-pointed and informed about your products and services using their platforms.  

With billions of daily users, targeted advertising systems from Google & Facebook can do much of the daily manual prospecting & lead generation tasks for you. 

All that is required is for an expert like my self or someone with hands on experience to build a marketing system that does the prospecting for you.

This will free up valuable resources and time to let the sales people do their job, which is relationship building and customer retention. It will simplify the CEO's life, so that the key focus is on other far more important things like family, charity and larger vision for the company. Use the contact button below and send me a quick message to get a better idea of going from small/medium business to massive growth and expansion. 

“Rajeev, we cant' thank you enough. This is the best year we had in a long while...the sales are through the roof. We're growing buddy!”


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